HCG Drops: Phase 1 explained

Phase 1 of the HCG drops protocol is often also called the „loading“-phase. The name already explains pretty well what you will be doing during that phase. You load your body with as much food as possible for two days. Why would you do that? Well, it’s quite simple: you need to stock up your fat reserves, so that you lose more fat. That may sound counterintuitive but let me explain.

There are different types of fat storages in your body. The “normal” fat reserves are quite easily accessible and your body basically uses them as “emergency energy”. Essentially when you are starving yourself your body is willing to give those up because that’s what they are meant for. However there is also “abnormal fat” which is the fat your body stores beyond what it needs as emergency reserves.

You can now understand why it is so hard to burn those excess pounds. You are dieting, you are suffering, but your body doesn’t even touch the abnormal fat. HCG drops, however, help your body to release and burn exactly those nasty fat storages that are so hard to get rid of.

When “loading” in Phase 1 you fill your normal fat stores, so your body doesn’t get into the “emergency mode”. Since you are taking the HCG drops your body will still burn the abnormal fat though to provide you with enough energy. And those are exactly the pounds that you want to get rid of!

Can Men safely use hCG Drops?

Short answer: yes. If you are a man and you want to take hCG Drops to lose weigth you won’t experience any particular side effects (so, no you won’t get man-boobs). Actually, the hCG hormone is often given to young males who are having difficulty with puberty, and the hormone can jumpstart the process.

So does it work differently for men? 

Well besides the typical side effects that some people experience, like for example moderate headaches (mostly in the first few days which is due to the detox process) everything is just fine - for women and men alike. So there’s really no difference in how men and women react to the drops, apart from one fact, that actually makes men the lucky ones! 

You guys out there probably will have a much easier time to lose your weight, as men are generally losing more weight when dieting and additionally a lot faster, too! Lucky you!

Of course that doesn’t mean that we can’t lose weight, girls! It just might take a little bit longer, so if you are dieting together with your partner, don’t lose hope if he seems to lose so much weight while you have to wait a little longer to reach your goal. However, eventually you will too! 

So to get back to our initial topic: 

If you are a man you don’t have to worry about anything in particular. Generally it’s recommended to make sure to buy high quality diet drops. Drops are by the way designed to decrease potential side effects, so they are much safer and thus also allowed to be taken without prescription. 

So why wait? If you were pondering about losing weight for a long time now or maybe already tried but failed, just give it a shot! The hCG diet is designed to give you very fast results, so the sooner you start the sooner you will see results! 

Being on the hCG Drops Diet - Common Mistakes

When you are on the HCG diet you are allowed to consume about 500 calories a day. You are allowed to eat a selection of specific foods in certain amounts. However, you do not count calories! This is a general misconception! You only measure the weight of the food you eat and monitor how you eat of which type of food. Nevertheless, lots of people still count calories. 

This diet has worked for thousands of individuals and is a well established weight loss plan, but you must follow the guidelines. So do not attempt to change food or add additional things. Counting calories is not part of the original hcg diet protocol and you should not be distracted by counting calories but rather eat the right TYPES of food and the right amount of it, thus adapting to a healthier lifestyle as well. 

The second behaviour I see is that individuals attempt to do too much by adding in exercise. However, exercise is not recommended when taking real hCG drops. The truth is you actually should not be doing the diet all due to the low calorie diet you’re on. You just do not have by working out enough calories to expend. Obviously light activity is not a problem. So instead of heavy exercise opt in for some walks in the park or alternatively some yoga. 

The third point I want to stress is that you can always expect fluctuations. Don’t freak out about a few pounds more or less. Because it might mean nothing. Changes take time to establish. Especially women will experience more water retention at the time of the month, for example. Simply stick to the plan, keep calm and you will see results in the long run. 

Your Blood Sugar Level and hCG

Many people new to the HCG diet may be worried about how one’s blood sugar levels are affected by the diet. This is especially true for people who have existing issues with blood sugar control like those people with diabetes. Is HCG diet safe for someone that has diabetes? Is the diet strategy something that will help their glucose levels balance? Here we will examine the possible effects the HCG diet may cause.

We must examine how the HCG diet influences the body. HCG is a special hormone that is discovered in the body. Typically, a very low calorie diet ends in a substantial fall. What’s more, since you’ll be eating a limited number of foods of a kind that is specific, in case you have consumed lots of sugary foods or high complex carbs previously, your blood sugar will probably decrease the minute you stop doing this. So, the initial first stages of the diet will probably cause a decrease in blood sugar.

When you’re taking HCG drops daily, your hunger cravings are controlled and your metabolic rate is balanced. This implies your body begins to turn for energy that is needed to your fat stores; this is a process which is identified as Ketosis. The HCG diet is called a Ketogenic Diet plan; when you begin using up fat stores instead of consumed calories, the body burns off fat, generates molecules identified as ketones and these ketones are used by your body as an energy source instead of the energy you would naturally derive from high complex carbohydrates and sugar consumption. Remember a change in sugar amounts may produce mild side effects for example fatigue and headaches which prove the most common. They may be temporary and subside quickly.

Within 48 hours of beginning the HCG diet, the body enters into a state which permits the body to use ss-hydroxybutyrate and acetoacetate, two kinds of ketones to provide energy to your kidneys, heart, and other important organs. For an average healthy person, a change in one’s blood sugar levels shouldn’t prove to be problematic; in fact, it can prove amazingly valuable. If however, a person has diabetes, she or he would want to discuss with the doctor the idea before participating in the diet of using HCG products. It could be essential to closely monitor one’s sugar levels during the span of the plan